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CNRI is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1986 to foster research and development for the National Information Infrastructure. Among CNRI's major goals is a program of research to identify and nurture infrastructural technologies and services that will unlock the potential of information and knowledge along with technology itself. CNRI promotes various collaborative activities that create productive synergies among government agencies, universities, and private organizations; undertakes targeted research in technologies for information management and high-speed networking; design/fabrication support for the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange; and supports various educational initiatives in the public interest.

CNRI is committed to furthering the design, implementation, and deployment of selected infrastructure components so that new computing- and communications-based applications can be used to greater advantage, whether for business or government at work, at school, and at home. Experimental development and use of new technologies is often the most effective means for understanding their potential and driving their evolution. CNRI engages in selected system and technology demonstration activities and projects with key institutions where the implications of prototype systems can be studied and refined, and their utility can be determined.

In addition to design, development and deployment of key infrastructural technologies, CNRI initiates and nurtures collaborative and educational activities that are intended to bring together parties with potentially divergent interests to pursue common goals. CNRI also houses a program of activities to support research in digital libraries and networked information technologies.

CNRI uses the frontier of Internet technology as its working environment, as its development environment, and as a laboratory for "time travel" into Internet technology's future. One example of CNRI's commitment to maintaining an advanced information infrastructure is the deployment of technology to facilitate collaboration for work both internally and with external organizations. Current research initiatives involving frequent coordination and interaction with industry, government, and academia require that intra- and inter-site collaboration technology become a natural, well-integrated, and transparent aspect of daily work.

As part of its long-term, ongoing commitment to computing environment excellence, CNRI's processing platform has long been 21st century-ready. Substantial network bandwidth and the performance and functionality of in-house, co-located and cloud computing systems and servers enables CNRI developers to participate in advanced experiments and test-bed activities with industrial, academic and federal partners, and to resource share and collaborate with colleagues around the world. An experimental paradigm has emerged from this information infrastructure, placing CNRI clearly at the frontier of the field.


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